What is Vegetable Tanned Leather?

Vegetable tanned leather is one of the earliest methods of preserving hides for leather use. This ancient tanning process uses plant-based matter like tree bark, leaves and nuts and takes between 1-3 months for each hide to develop. It leaves every hide in its most natural or raw state, without any chemical or dye added. Our leather is sourced from Hermann Oak Tannery, one of the last remaining tanneries in America. Learn more how this leather is made here


How to Care For Vegetable Tanned Leather 

Vegetable tanned leather may be conditioned using pure neatsfoot oil or a combination wax/oil conditioner such as Obenhauf's. Oiling should be done with a fine-fibered cloth, sheepskin, or horsehair brush using even circular strokes. Please remember a little oil goes a long way. Other signs your leather needs to be oiled include: cracking of the leather, brittle or dry leather grain to touch, or overexposure to water.


Aging Process

Vegetable tanned leather will develop a unique patina with age, use, and exposure to oil, water or sunlight.



We love to leave our bags outside or by a window for a tan that won't fade. 


Here is the same bag at various times in its patina process (Left: after one year. Right: Brand new. Far Right: after 5 years)