We are committed to sustainable manufacturing in America. We make use of salvaged and natural materials that are not caustic to the environment. We strive to zero waste. We reuse our own scraps for smaller pieces and incorporate one-off discarded fabrics for linings. 


"Like each of my grandfathers, I've always desired to work with my hands. One was a die cutter, the other a surgeon; I seem to have inherited the steady hands necessary to work with leather. I chose leather because I like the way it feels and the way it ages, the way it's been used for generations and generations and will be for generations to come. It's pliable yet durable, simple yet beautiful."
- Dane Alderfer


Every piece is made start-to-finish with the utmost attention to detail and quality using naturally durable materials that have been domestically sourced so you can pass them on for generations to come.



We stand by our products & offer lifetime repairs for each item that comes out of our workshop.  We also offer repair services for our local economy.


Our story started with a goal to learn from & revive the good of the past to meets today's needs. We strive to execute quality items made in the usa so people can stop fixing things & start smelling the flowers. Our first product was an all-leather version of the iconic paper bag, because we wanted to make a bag that would not wear out. it has only improved with age & use. it continues to stand upright on its own and has stood us, and many others, in goodstead throughout the years. 



Come visit our workshop + mercantile featuring made in USA provisions in Donnelly, Idaho. 




Make it good. Make it steady. Make it in USA.