Refined over a decade, this is an extra heavy-duty leather pan handle. Made using  3/16" thick belt weight (9/10oz) vegetable tanned leather. Lace opening allows for adjusting for ease of removal. Perfect for daily use in the kitchen or campfire cooking. Only needs to be removed for oven use. Veg tan leather darkens and softens with use and will develop a beautiful patina to accompany your cast iron pan.

One size fits all cast iron pans.

Size / Dimensions

1.5" wide, 4" tall, 1" deep


Leather care

Our raw vegetable tanned leather has been pre-conditioned with pure Neatsfoot oil. We do recommend regular oiling (approximately every six months) to maintain its longevity. Oiling should be done with a fine-fibered cloth, sheepskin, or horsehair brush using even circular strokes—a little oil goes a long way.