Taste of the Quiet Life

For three years we've been trying to get to this place in Ontario, Oregon. These hills and haystacks are the home of Dane's Aunt Jean and Uncle Roger. Roger, a third generation cattle rancher, inherited this land from his father....

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What's the Difference Between Vegetable Tanned and Vegan Leather?

What is Vegetable Tanned Leather? Vegetable tanned leather is one of the earliest methods of preserving hides for leather use. This ancient tanning process uses plant-based matter like tree bark, leaves and nuts and takes between 1-3 months for each hide to...

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Back in the Saddle for 2020!

We're back in the saddle for a small batch of bags in 2020!     Our journey to get back in the saddle here has taken far longer than we expected. Our lives and brand as a result have ridden a...

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Joy in the Process

  Last weekend we, the Alderfer family, made our first memories in the snow. It has been nearly three months since we welcomed a little girl into this world and into our lives. The trials and tribulations of these past three...

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The Places Among Us

This weekend we spent closer to home, exploring the areas among us that we so often times overlook. First, we explored Bridle Trails, which is just about a stone's throw from where Dane grew up and where we are currently...

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